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  • 通過創新的FRF生產工藝提高動力,反發回擊力和耐久性
  • 世界上第一個穿線與更靈活的材料FORTIMOTM
  • 盤線(200m)

型 號 : TGRX130/TRX130-2

顏 色 : Off-white

線 徑 : 16L (1.25mm)/16(1.30mm)

材 質 : Nylon (Multifilament)

Made in JAPAN

TGRX130 建議售價:NT$620  
TRX130-2 建議售價:NT$7000

Series Overview

Stretched under controlled temperature, YONEX strings deliver greater durability, reduced fatigue and consistent repulsion. "I’ve been playing with YONEX strings since I was 15, and really like them. They’re really good—especially the sound on the ball. They sound good, and give me confidence." Borna Coric

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